Clay Rivers, author of “The Raindancer: Finding Joy In The Storm”

The Raindancer: Finding Joy in the Storm is about good friend’s battle with cancer. I know . . . people hear/read the word cancer and all the fun is instantly sucked out of the room. And that’s understandable as cancer is a horrible disease. Couple that with the knowledge that the titular character dies and yes, you might assume the story’s going to be a downer—but it’s not. What makes Rich’s story different is his how he lived despite cancer; and used his faith, optimism, and sense of humor to turn having cancer into an opportunity to help others. And that’s something you don’t read about everyday.

Patrick Hempfing, author of “MoMENts: A Dad Holds On”

This book is a compilation of my monthly "MoMENts" columns. Most of the stories were provided by my daughter when she was between the ages of 5 to 10. I just had to hold on. The subtitle has a double meaning. Some days I’m holding on to "Where did my baby go? Other days, I’m holding on, thinking, "When will Momma get home."

Sonja Mongar, author of “Two Spoons Of Bitter”

Where do you run to escape your past? Ella Donovan is an orphan, being raised by Grand Ma, her cruel, alcoholic grandmother. They live in a run down trailer on the "other side" of the railroad tracks in a cold, Podunk Minnesota town. Early on, Ella realizes that her only chance to escape is to get her education, get out of town and never look back.