Ross Ellison, author of “Cult of Orabaras”

In Your Next Beach Read, we want to introduce you to a new author every day in June in the hopes that you’ll find the next book you want to take with you to the beach, the pool, or the comforts of air conditioning.

Today’s author is Ross Ellison, author of Cult Of Orabaras.

What’s your name and where are you from?

Ross Ellison. I am from the Northern Suburbs of Chicago, Illinois

How long have you been writing? How did you start?

30 - Ross Ellison author photoI have been writing since I was six years old, which means 23 years now. I started while reading my favorite stories and wanting to create my own.

Who are some of your influences?

I was heavily influenced by JK Rowling, Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson, Gen Urobuchi, JRR Tolkien, Kentaro Miura, and most importantly Christopher Paolini who proved to me that age is not relevant on getting a book published.

What is your book about?

My most recent novella is titled Cult Of Orabaras and stands as a sequel to an earlier story. A group of adventurers was roped into a Stone Giant’s many elaborate schemes and bonded over a shared debt. However, their adventures took them to a major city where intrigue is all around them. Most notably, they encounter a dangerous Cult that worships a being called Orabaras. And for an unknown reason, the group has attracted the interest of this mysterious group.

Where did you get the idea?

This story was inspired by a Dungeons & Dragons campaign I run. I asked the players if they would be down with me adapting the experiences into a series of novels.

How long did it take you to finish it?

This novella took me a month to write. The longer story has been ongoing for almost 2 years.

Is this your first book, or have you written more than one?

This is the second novella I have published. Overall it is the third story I have published where I am the sole author.

We all like to write about people we know, even if we never name them. Who are some people who inspired characters or situations?

The players in my Dungeons & Dragons campaign created their own characters. It should be obvious who I based the protagonists off of. I tend to base most of my creations off of tropes more than actual people though.

What’s your favorite scene in the book?

30 - Ross Ellison book coverMy favorite scene in Cult Of Orabaras is when the Cult first appears. This encounter happens in a combat arena. For a multitude of reasons, the entire protagonist party with one exception participates. One of the protagonists is forced to do battle with a mysterious witch who uses Magic none of them have ever seen. They had been warned prior that any and all Magic users served wicked beings. Forced into a fight for his life, this battle is a sign of future things to come in the series.

What’s the best piece of writing advice you ever got?

I was told to ignore the rules of genre and make my own. Otherwise I am simply recreating someone else’s story.

What’s the worst?

I was told to never write prologues a few times. I have ignored every person who has told me this. i will defend their place in stories till the day I die.

Where can we buy your book?

My books are all available on Amazon. I hope to set up a shop on my website at some point too.

Ross Ellison is an Author, Entertainer, Video Game Streamer, and All Around Menace to Society. Living in Orlando, Florida he currently is working on the next two novels in his Search For Eden series which the End of Utopia anthology serves as an introduction for.

He is also working on a post-apocalyptic series with the working title of Earth Everafter. If that was not enough, he is also working on two new series based on Dungeons & Dragons campaigns of his own design. One is titled Cycle of Millennia and the other is titled Centrum Glacies. The first novella of Cycle of Millenia is published digitally.