Bambi Sommers, author of “The Firebird” series

My Firebird duo is a rock and roll romance. Book 1 finds Firebird’s lead, Soldier, wanting to lay roots and open a recording studio. While looking for a place to call home, he unexpectedly encounters the woman with whom he compares all others. At last he hopes to explain why he left, but she throws him out. Now he’ll have to do the only sensible thing and buy the house directly across the street!

Mark Lyons, author of “Only In Florida: Mosquito Lagoon”

manager is accused of the deed. When it is revealed that the dead woman was suffering from rabies and had a very short life expectancy, Mike is drawn to the case. He is able to clear his own name easily, but by that time he had uncovered clues that he couldn’t ignore. Attempts on his life gave him much greater reason to figure out plot than just to get his job back.

Randy Clark, author of “The New Manager’s Workbook”

It’s a workbook for new managers. The workbook covers 13 modules that managers will face from hiring to conflict management. Each chapter shares what, how, and why with examples, worksheets, checklists, and forms. Businesses use the book as a management development program, and it’s used to teach a college course on supervision.

Chris Miller, author of “The Damned Place “

The Damned Place is about four 12 year old kids on summer vacation, all dealing with their own issues and finding peace and friendship with each other…but they’re being stalked and harassed by the town bullies, a trio of kids a couple years older than them, one of which is teetering directly on the edge of psychopathy.

Clay Mercer, author of “Natural Born Crazy”

Natural Born Crazy is the third book in my ‘Crazy’ trilogy. The trilogy features the customs and idiosyncrasies of Southern Culture in the modern era. Natural Born Crazy focuses on how family members react to the death of a ne’er do well relative whose most notable characteristic is his reputation for con games, scams, and borrowing money.