Michael Lawrence Cohen, author of “Karieth”

Karieth is a Gothic Mystery-thriller, based on the 16th Century Welsh myth of the Cyhyraeth. It begins with a feverish nightmare; the brutal slaying of a young innocent woman … dead but refusing to die. Driven by vengeance, Karieth can become any woman, at any time, or her own horrific apparition This suspenseful and gripping tale moves forward three-hundred years to the murky back streets of Victorian London.

Jacob M. Appel, author of “Amazing Things Are Happening Here”

This is a collection of short stories. They features a missing psychiatric patient, a disgruntled alligator wrestler, a whale watch gone wrong and a love triangle set against the backdrop of John B. Anderson’s failed presidential campaign. The late Congressman John B. Anderson (who really did run for president against Cater and Reagan in 1980) actually read the story several years ago and sent me a kind note about it.

Michael David Anderson, author of “In The House Of Wolves”

In the House of Wolves follows what remains of the Wolf family after Stephen and Samantha’s young son Axl dies under mysterious circumstances. When Samantha comes home after a six-month stay at a local institution, she discovers the three of them—Samantha, Stephen, and their dog Merlyn—have been living in a haunted house… and the loss of Axl is only the beginning of the horror.

Michael Potts, author of “End Of Summer”

In End of Summer, a man returns to the field where he walked with his granddaddy in childhood to uncover the source of his obsessive interest—in the heart and in death. He relives his ninth year, a year of idyllic life in the country and the year he will face the greatest loss in his life. Through his journey, he finds meaning through that loss and answers to the sources of his obsessions.

Lyn Vandebrake, author of “The Escape Place”

My husband Vern decided to retire from management, and started managing me! He held team-building meetings at our dining room table, said my kitchen was out of compliance, and was always handing me a to-do list. The day that list had 17 items on it was the day I decided to run away from home. Instead I found an alternative solution, discovered I'm not the only woman with too many demands and not enough of me to go around, and wrote about my solution.

Paula Parker, author of “Sisters of Lazarus” series

The Sisters of Lazarus series is about the three famous siblings in the New Testament; Mary, Martha, and Lazarus. The first book, Beauty Unveiled, centers on Martha and Mary, the two sisters of Lazarus, couldn't be more different. Martha, the elder, is plain and self - conscious; Mary, the younger, is beautiful. One sees her value only in serving, while the other believes her outward appearance is her only asset.